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Marital and Couple Relationship

Savitha and Sanjay fell in love with each other and were married three years ago. Their parents opposed the marriage since Savitha belonged to a lower caste - Sanjay is an upper caste Brahmin. Both Savitha and Sanjay were aware of the problems they might face and were ready to brave all odds. They started married life with a joyous dream!

Soon, the small everyday problems started looming large. Sanjay relishes the food cooked by his mother and Savitha feels that she can never please Sanjay. She feels lonely when Sanjay is with his parents. She feels she does not belong, and Sanjay does not understand. Sanjay in turn thinks Savitha is being rude by not mingling with his folks.

Gaps like these have started reflecting in their relationship. Savitha and Sanjay have started drifting apart. Savitha is not pregnant yet and Sanjay is hurt - he thinks the fault is with her, so she must visit the doctor. Savitha does not know who to turn to. Sanjay is stressed and doesn't know how to handle the problem. He also doesn't know who to turn to.

Marital issues are one of the areas of counseling Viveka concentrates on. Our volunteer counselors are trained to 'listen' to both partners without bias or judgement and to help the couple communicate with each other. 

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