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Loss, Grief & Bereavement

Grief is a normal expression of emotional distress arising out of intense and complex feelings associated with any loss. Bereavement does not necessarily refer to death, as is commonly understood, but could result from the loss of a job or any material possession, loss of a limb or organ (even hair), from a broken home or relationship, change of residence, and even loss of one's confidence or self-esteem. Any loss involves the absence of someone loved, or something that fulfils a significant need in one's life. The effect can sometimes be psychologically overwhelming and devastating.

Along with shock and disbelief, there may be feelings of anger, fear, regret and guilt related to the loss, resulting in confusion and depression. Though it is not easy, expression of these pent-up feelings is an important part of healing and getting back to normal functioning after a reasonable period of time.

Most people discover how to eventually move on with life, even though the grief experience is a difficult and trying time. Coping abilities depend on one's personality and relationship with the person who has died. This experience can also be affected by one's cultural and religious background, coping skills, mental history, and support system.

At Viveka, we will help you to express feelings in a safe environment and progress towards healing

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