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Sexually Abused during Childhood

I hung my head in shame,
My body feels so dirty even now,
I felt afraid,
I felt shamed,
But why couldn't I utter even a word,
In my defence?
Why were my lips sealed?
What happened to my voice?
In those moments,
When I was overpowered..
By this giant of a man,
Who touched me where I didn't want to be touched,
Who made me a toy for his needs,
Ugly needs...
Can I ever tell this shame?
Can I ever utter a word
And seek justice?
Who will understand?
Alas, but I have no mother,
Nor do I have a father,
To whom I can turn,
And share my despair,

Who will help me?
Who will reach out to me?
Who can I talk to?
I plead with you,
Save me from this distress. 

Sexually abused children undergo great trauma that often affects their adult life in many ways. They require special care and support in a trusting environment. Viveka offers such help - do not hesitate to contact us if you had such an experience. Click here for a small video.

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