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Adolescence & Teenage

Being a teenager is not easy. This is a stage in life when nothing seems to go smoothly. A teenager is faced with many changes, both physical and emotional. Therefore, facing conflict at this developmental stage is quite normal.

Families, school and society expect teenagers to change, and this can be very frustrating, resulting in a feeling that they are constantly being watched and not being allowed to be themselves.

At this stage the predominant questions are "Who am I?" and "What do I want?" Examining himself and finding his own identity is very important to a teenager. Becoming independent and developing deeper inter-personal relationships with peers is very essential to an adolescent. This is not an easy task.

The hurt and confusion that adolescents feel regarding their "sense of self" is often expressed through their behaviour, and psychological or physical symptoms such as mood swings, skipping class, irritability and wanting to be by oneself.

An adolescent needs all the support that he or she can get at this stage. The most common problem faced is that nobody understands. The choices that they have to make are confusing, but important to them.

Listening and helping an adolescent make independent decisions about family, friends and the world, and not judging them, is very crucial and essential at this stage.

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