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Inter-Personal Relationship

Here is the story of a young boy named Ravi. Ravi lived in a metropolitan town and both his parents were well employed. He had a younger sister called Radha. What seemed like a happy family on the outside, was actually a traumatic home for Ravi. Ravi's father had been an alcoholic for many years, and his mother was a nervous wreck. Ravi shied away from meeting extended family, could not bring friends home and always felt aloof from others in his environment. He was fourteen years old and did not have a single good relationship - he shunned even his sister.

This is a family in which all inter-personal relationships are at their lowest due to alcoholism. 

Viveka can help release the feelings of young Ravi and give him insights into understanding and dealing with his family relationships. More importantly our volunteer counselors will concentrate on helping Ravi build his self-esteem and discover his own identity.

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