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Mental Illness

Nothing was ever the same ever since Ruby was diagnosed with OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She felt ashamed, negated and discounted that she had to visit a psychiatrist since she had a mental illness. It was so difficult to accept. She felt aloof and so different from the rest of the family. She felt as if she had been punished.

Gradually, the term OCD became a little easier to accept and not so dreadful. There were so many people who had worse diseases. She saw patients who were kept under observation all the time and she was healthier than them.

She could not stop cleaning ever - any object that was out of place had to be straightened out immediately. Not just in her home but even in the homes of her friends. People started noticing her obsession for cleanliness and even laughed behind her back. She wanted to talk to someone who would understand her.

A friend guided Ruby to Viveka and there she found she could express her fears and her shame. She broke down, collected herself and every day slowly picked herself up again. She and her counselors set easy goals every week and she found that she could actually follow them, and there was a sense of anticipation in meeting the counselors the following week to share her ups and downs.

Now Ruby is a lot more relaxed and it does not bother her if people stare or laugh at her. She knows there is someone who understands and someone who does not think she is crazy!"; 

Of course she continued to visit the psychiatrist for regular checkups and medicines. The doctor was also so happy that she was visiting Viveka regularly - she said it was good supportive therapy.

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