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Life Style Stess

Jennifer is a beautiful, young girl working in a Call Centre. With four years' experience, she was well on the way to her next promotion. Her parents arranged a suitable match for her and she was married three years ago. She now has a ten-month-old baby. Her husband has a regular job and travels a lot. Jennifer now finds herself in a tight situation, trying her best to balance home and work. The demands of her job are stressing her like never before, with all the added responsibilities.

When she reaches home early in the morning, tired and sleepy, her child is waiting for Mommy and requires attention. Her baby refuses to be fed by the maid when she is around and clings to her. When her husband comes back after a trip, most of the time she is not even home to receive him. He does not voice it, but his irritation shows. To add to it, he wants to have another baby to complete the family!

What is happening to Jennifer? Who is going to address her needs? How will she find time for her child and husband? Will she have a nervous breakdown coping with all of this at the same time? Her parents and friends are anxious for her. 

Viveka volunteer counselors are trained to provide you emotional support through difficult periods. We at Viveka will help you prioritise your issues to lead a healthy life.

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