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What does feeling suicidal mean? A feeling of hopelessness…and helplessness…?? A feeling of unendurable pain and stress..? At times life may become so completely unbearable that ending it seems the only option - the easy way and the only way. It seems like relief from the unbearable pain.

Here are the words of Raghu who walked into Viveka one day: (Name changed to maintain anonymity)

"I took VRS from my bank to set up my own business. My partner cheated me and I lost most of my money. I was frantic. A friend introduced me to a bookie who told me I could recoup my losses in no time. But I lost whatever was left of my life savings. I feel very depressed nowadays. Terrible thoughts go through my mind. How will I pick up and manage my old age and my family? They are so disappointed, they tell me I have been foolish. I have let them down. Sometimes I think that it is better to end my life." 
If you have ever felt like this, help is available. Talking helps. Especially with someone who responds to you with sensitivity and understanding. Someone who cares. The volunteer counselors at Viveka are specially trained to 'listen' to people who are feeling suicidal.

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