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"I am feeling bewildered. I don't know who to talk to. My Mom is always scolding me for not putting in enough effort. My Dad is always so busy. I am afraid to talk to my friends about my worries. I just can't tell anyone. I feel different from the others at school. I am not growing as tall as the others. Quite a few of my friends are growing moustaches, but I haven't - others tease me, they say I am 'girly'. I feel so angry - feel like bashing them all up! I want to find out from someone if there is anything I can do to grow faster. Mom doesn't even allow me to read books other than the ones she approves of. I feel sad sometimes and angry most times."

This is what 14-year-old Arun is living through every day - he is preoccupied with his body and constantly comparing himself with others at school. Even though it may sound like he is just a bit late in growing up, the issue is bothering Arun a lot, and it is affecting him. 

Boys like Arun can find someone to talk to at Viveka. He can discuss all his fears and doubts and rest assured that whatever he says will be confidential. Arun will gain confidence and feel at ease with himself when someone "listens" to him and he feels heard. This will help Arun grow up positively.

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