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Marital and Couple Relationship

While most people marry with every intention to care for each other and honour the vows, many issues develop over time, which can lead either to divorce, or a marriage devoid of feeling or communication. Any number of marriages end up in divorce, despite all the pressures to stay together - family reputation, social stigma, and particularly 'for the sake of the children'. Family, and the divorce process itself, often pressure people to try to make it work. Though many marriages may not eventually end in legal divorce, they may all the same, end in emotional divorce.

Marriage is clearly a challenge in understanding, anticipating and dealing with wide-ranging issues - from personal preferences and habits, to physical, intellectual and emotional needs; it is a constant process of communicating your own needs, while understanding and accepting those of your partner. Only when both partners know and respect each other's needs can they share a healthy, mutually respectful and fulfilling relationship.

But often one of the partners feels neglected, treated unfairly or emotionally abandoned. If your marriage or relationship has hit a bad patch the best way to start resolving the problem is to talk it over with your partner and resolve the issues. But invariably, this is not so easy, because neither one of you is really communicating with or listening to the other.

At Viveka we have helped many couples to express their feelings and needs to each other, make changes in their lives and their relationships, and cope more effectively. Come and talk to us…

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