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"We were devoid of hope and the fertility treatment had completely sapped me. And then we decided to adopt my sister's child. No one would ever know except immediate family, and it would be a secret forever. Little Prerna grew up to be a doll. Our whole life revolved around her.

Prerna grew up into a happy, adventurous teenager, until the day my sister returned from the US for the first time after many years.

The words slipped from my sister's mouth - and Prerna overheard. Her world collapsed - mine too!

Prerna shouted and screamed - she said horrible things, used hateful words - I had never seen her like this! She blamed all of us - me, her father, my sister, everyone had cheated her, she said. And then she withdrew. We tried to console her, to explain to her - both my sister and I - but she became sullen and silent, dull and depressed. I thought it was a passing phase, that she would get over it, but things seemed to have changed forever.

Two years passed. There was little or no communication between us. That was when someone told us about Viveka. It was difficult at first for me to open up deeply personal family issues with a stranger, but I picked up the courage. At Viveka I felt a sense of acceptance I had never felt earlier. I felt understood. I learnt to cope, and slowly, to live.

My husband and Prerna saw the change in me and decided to accompany me to Viveka. That day changed our lives again - this time for the better!" 

Viveka counselors are trained to tackle adoption related issues. We understand the difficulties and bonding issues that can ruin the relationship between adoptive parents and the child. Reach out before it is too late if you too are facing an issue similar to Prerna

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