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Loss, Grief & Bereavement

At some time or the other we have all suffered loss and felt grief. Our loss can bring out a store of feelings and memories; a host of emotions and sensations which might include feelings of guilt, rejection, betrayal or abandonment. We mourn what might have been.

We all react in different ways to loss: Some of us cling to others, some of us reject all socializing and retreat into a silent world, some of us cry torrents of tears. We might feel angry, guilty, powerless and totally out of control. For each of us grief is unique.

At such times what can help is a network of emotional support. An outstretched hand can be our lifeline to healing - someone who listens to us, who respects us, who can help us to cope.

"I thought I was coping so well with my mother's death until I found one of her letters. One can resist tears and behave very well, but then ….someone makes you a friendly gesture, or you smell your loved one's scent in their clothes and … everything collapses."

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