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My name is James. I really don't know what has happened to me since 1995. That was the year when the terrible air crash took place. We were flying from Delhi. I lost my dear wife Mary and my most precious child Esther in the crash. Life has never been the same since. It's as if the incident is happening right in front of my eyes. I relive the tragedy almost every day. There has only been emptiness these ten years. There is no meaning to life. Some days I manage, but most days I can't work productively even for a few hours. I don't feel like making any friends. I feel alone all the time. Now my employers have asked me to seek counseling. I'm afraid I will lose my job if I continue like this. I just want to end my life, but I'm afraid of committing suicideā€¦"

Viveka trains its counsellors to help people like James, who is possibly going through depression. The volunteer counselors at Viveka are trained to 'listen' to James, help him share his feelings, identify what it is that he is feeling, and gain insight into what is happening to him.

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